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Superstition VS Super Natural

This post was written by the irrepressible Tilly from The Mum Edit. We live in eternal admiration for her verbosity, beautiful hair and turn of phrase. Check out her fb page at The Mum Edit.   As as the great Reggie Watts said "If you like things that you enjoy, you might find this palatable". I know I certainly do.  You Rock  Tills. Thanks a billion. 😘😘😘

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My Voice

    It's a strange thing, your voice. I mean, I know I'm funny... not like Amy Schumer funny, or like any comedian, actually not like anyone who is actually "funny", but as a previous boss said with a strange look on her face "Victoria, you're just so... so, quirky". Anyway, I'm taking that as a compliment. I'm quirky. It has taken me 8 years from that moment to get that quirky is ok. How did she come to this conclusion? Let me count the ways...I love cats. (Cue eye roll; WHATEVER, to you, eyeroller). I love plants and am currently turning my house into a jungalow, you know, like a bungalow but with a jungle in it? (That's going...

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Styling Hacks From Foundry HQ

Styling Hacks From Foundry HQ Mornings are busy right? Sometimes the last thing on my mind, as I rush out the door is "how do I get creative with my jewellery?". Morning thoughts are normally more along the lines of, do I have all of the children? are they wearing shoes? How late is "late"? Who's bodily fluid is that on my leg?  So here it is, HQ hacks for those who want the heads up in Foundary Fashion, or just a little more time in the morning It surprises me how many of the beautiful women I know don't love their hands.Our hands tell a story, a story of work, creativity and great adventure. They are pretty amazing, our paws, pork sausages...

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