Superstition VS Super Natural

I've had some awkward conversations in my time, but hearing my friend say she was putting her "crystals out to cleanse" is right up there with them.

I obviously watch way too many crime shows, because I instantly heard "crystal" and thought she'd become a drug lord and that 'cleansing' was a code word for something far more thug-life.

I was wrong. It's not the first time and it's largely possible, it shan't be the last.

Didn't I look like a gigantic douche lord after the "drugs are bad" lecture, I followed up with after telling her I'd always be there for her to help her kick her "cleansing" habit.

Turns out, she was very literally putting crystals out in the sun to "cleanse".

Now, I'm the queen of superstitions, in fact if I didn't know any better I'd say Stevie wrote that song about me, but even I was a bit iffy on the whole crystal healing thing.

So I decided to delve a little further into cleansing crystals and the healing ability people believe these glorified stones are meant to have.

Undertones of cynicism? Perhaps.

So, I did some reading on a variety of stones and their associated healing abilities, turquoise, onyx, kunzite, amethyst.. every part of me wanted to yell "laaaaaame" from the top of my lungs, but then the inner hippy in me, said, wait a minute, what if they do having healing elements?

The thought of a piece of coloured rock having "healing abilities" and power, seemed far fetched at best, but then, so do lots of things in today's modern world.

Could it just be the placebo effect? Or is it possible that given our bodies are largely water, they really do have a physical reaction to the elements in different crystal varieties, that simulate a "healing" type process.

I found a piece written by a scientist, that describe the science behind crystals and the potential for them to have positive effects in a person's life, given they have the lowest amount of entropy.

Entropy? I know, I too had no clue what it meant, but after a little lesson from my old mate (Google) it turns out entropy is a measurement of disorder.

Basically, it is believed that because crystals were formed at the beginning of earths creation, they are the most orderly formation in creation and generate specific vibration frequencies in response to energies around them, thus creating better balance and less entropy.

In fact most ancient and indigenous peoples around the world have some form of belief or spiritual investment in various crystals and their healing powers.

And anything that brings my life less entropy, is fine by me. As the queen of disorder, I could do with a little more balance, that isn't, a donut in each hand and is a little more order and equilibrium.

But apparently, crystals don't just aid in disorder, crystals have the power to heal sore joints, help with conception, enhance clarity of mind and spiritual guidance.

I have no personal experience as a basis to see if I am a believer in the magic of Crystals, nor am I so skeptical that I can't see the real possibility that your favourite crystal has the potential to make you feel totally fabulous and even a little bit bad ass.

But I am really interested to hear other people's experiences with specific crystal elements and whether they are just overly superstitious or actually believers in the supernatural.

Either way, I'm pretty content loading up my arms, neck and sausage sized fingers with all the beauty and potential healing power, of the glorious gem delights and charisma of crystals.