About us



I grew up in the hills behind Brisbane, the community itself was an interesting cross section of hippies and dairy farmers. Suffice to say as a young woman, style icons were sparse. There was only one woman that I was in awe of, she had blonde curly crazy hair, hands full of silver rings, arms laden with bangles and necklaces, heavy with silver and stones in all the colours of the constellations. I guess she was grunge before even grunge was grunge. I adored her. It was effortless and she would jingle when she raised her arm to smoke her rolled cigarettes.

I've always wanted that for myself, the jingling, not the smoking so much. As I am getting older, that conversation with myself is getting louder. Be the jingling lady, rock handfulls of silver, wear mystical crystals, who cares! For me I'm redefining or maybe just clarifying the picture of myself. Immersing myself in the things that I love. Creating the sense of warmth and peace that, for me, comes with the jingling. 

So, I'm Victoria, I love chunky silver, hairy mammals, green plants, hearty laughing, punk and rock music, ripped jeans and preppy corporate blazers and this is my store. 

*imagine the following being said in the Mia Wallace voice from Pulp Fiction*

Silver Fox Foundry. Because we do silvery things. Fox, because we look foxy. Foundry, because that is where metals are forged. 

Ok, so back to my normal husky tones.

Silver Fox Foundry was created in the blink of an eye in the winter of 2016 with a newborn baby on my lap, contemplating how in the world I could find some kind of hella big chunky necklace, because that's where the sleep deprived brain of a new mother goes. After obsessively spending 476,543 hours googling and general internetting, I still came up empty. I couldn't find what I wanted. WHY!! Why was it so hard to find something beautiful that didn't cost $300? I simply couldn't justify that large a cost!

As luck may have it, through my continued searches, I found a wholesaler before I found an on-seller. A light bulb went on in my brain. Surely I'm not the only one who wants to look like a badass without spending my whole wage on a piece of beautiful jewellery. Surely I'm not the only one who gets stuck when trying to imagine how to wear these mega pieces! Give me some inspiration dammit, without claiming whole chunks of my life ~ Pinterest I'm looking at you. When the light bulb went on, I just had to share. 

For me, integrity is key in everything I do, so you won't find a piece here that I wouldn't wear or don't love. The components of some of the pieces are made from an alloy which makes them light and practical, generally this applies to the larger collars and bib style necklaces due to the sheer weight. Some pieces are sterling silver  which makes them heavy for their size, durable and able to be worn daily. For those who have sensitivities to the ingredients in silver or alloy, we also stock some surgical steel, please check the item description for the specifics of the individual item. 

Silver Fox Foundry is run from my home in the north of Brisbane, Queensland. Our corner of the world is shaped by my partner, our 2 small boys, my nomadic traveller brother (when in Brisbane), and Remy the Rough Collie. We live peacefully under the rule of our benevolent dictator, Beansy the black cat. 

Share the journey with us on Facebook : Silver Fox Foundry, Instagram : Silverfoxfoundry, or the evaporator of all spare time Pinterest : Silver Fox Foundry, or Shoot me an email hello@silverfoxfoundry.rocks